Career Opportunity

Should You Consider an Appraisal Career?

Careers in Equine Appraisal offer many great opportunities due to the rapid growth of the profession. Over the last 10 years, appraisers have started to be seen as recognized professionals. The appraisal business is also not commonly affected by economic cycles. Here are several other reasons why an appraisal career could be a good one for you:


Efforts by the American Society of Equine Appraisers have established greater awareness of the role of equine appraisers. Equine appraisers are recognized as professionals who perform a vital service, a distinction that has been earned rather recently.


Surveys have indicated that the average compensation of experienced Equine appraisers is comparable to that of architects and accountants in the various professions. This greater recognition has reduced resistance to charging appropriate fees and salaries.


When economic cycles force horse prices down, trainers, breeders, and brokers suffer substantially more than appraisers. While fewer and fewer sales are made, appraisals are still needed for banks, insurance companies, attorneys, estate settlements, partnerships, bankruptcies, divorces, I.R.S., and F.D.I.C. Although some appraisals may be lost during a recession, the field generally is more stable than most when the economy turns down.


One of the greatest satisfactions an appraiser can achieve is to be so respected by clients for his/her knowledge of horse values that the clients ask for their advice in addition to appraisal information.


While many appraisers prefer to establish a reputation based on a comprehensive knowledge of horse values, others consider diversity an additional challenge that the profession offers.


The American Society of Equine Appraisers acts as a support group for its members. In addition to providing instructional materials, the staff stands ready to answer any questions from its members. A support group is essential to begin a career in appraising.