Application & Fees

Membership Fee

Choose how you would like to apply and pay your $395 membership fee:

Online Application and Payment Form

You will fill out and submit the application form online and then pay your processing fee with a credit card.

Print and Mail Your Application, Code of Ethics and Payment

Click the link & print the application form that appears (payment form is at bottom of application). Fill it out in its entirety and mail it to us with your processing fee payment.

Step 2

After your application has been approved, choose how to pay your remaining Membership fee:

Online Credit Card Payment

Agree to our Code of Ethics and pay online with a credit card.

Mail Payment and Application

Print And Mail Your Signed Code of Ethics & Certification Payment. Click the link & print the form that appears. Sign the Code of Ethics, fill out the payment form, and mail them to us at the address below with your payment (only after you receive notification that your application has been approved).
American Society of Equine Appraisers Code of Ethics

Membership Renewal

When it's time to pay your annual dues (12 months after certification), use one of the payment methods below:

Online Annual Dues Payment

Pay your annual dues online with credit card.

Print And Mail Your Annual Dues Payment

Click the link & print the payment form that appears. Fill it out and mail it to us at the address below with your payment.
Print Dues Payment